Speed up WordPress websites in 5 minutes

This tutorial is not intended as an in-depth guide to WordPress speed optimization. It’s rather a quick and simple solution to put your website into a higher gear and noticeable boost it’s loading speed. Since this tutorial doesn’t require advanced development skills, even unexperienced users should be able to speed up WordPress websites with ease. […]

Animated number counter plugins for WordPress

An animated number counter is a great, eye catching way to display any kind of numeric statistic on your web site. To impress your visitors with important numerical data you can use one of the many plugins available. To make your choice easier, we tested and reviewed the best free animated number counter plugins currently […]

How to create a Custom Scrollbar in WordPress

You must have noticed some websites don’t have the standard boring browser default scrollbar. Instead they have a nicely designed, color matching scroll bar that enhances the overall look of the website. Here you’ll learn how to create a Custom Scrollbar in WordPress and make your web site stand out from the mass. Ways of […]

Estimated reading time WordPress plugins

Nowadays many blogs and web magazines are displaying reading time estimate for their articles. Reading time is usually displayed in the article header, between the title and the content. The advantage of displaying this information is in increased visitors engagement on the website and reduced bounce rate. Therefore, visitors will more likely read an article […]

How to disable comments in WordPress

By default, all posts and pages in WordPress allow users to post comments. While some websites will find this feature useful, in most cases comment forms only attract spam bots. Spam is the primary reason to disable comments in WordPress. To block comments, developers can customize Discussion settings, edit the template files or use a […]