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Hey! My name is Dario and I’m a professional WordPress developer. I live in Rijeka – Croatia, where I started my web developer career over 10 years ago. My career started the golden rule, FFF – friends, family and fouls. That’s how I started gaining first customers. Since that time I had the pleasure to work with countless customers worldwide. I worked on a wide variety of WordPress based web development projects, perfecting my skills and gathering exthensive experience.

Now, time has come to share my experience with you, aspireing WordPress developers on your way to success…

Why WordPress?

Let’s face it, rare are the cases when a customer wants a simple, static HTML/CSS only web site. In most cases a client will need at least some most basic CMS functionality to manage his website. Except in rare very specific projects, developing a CMS system from scratch is not an option. Nowadays there are several ready made CMS systems at your disposal, such as WordPress, Durpal, Joomla etc…

So why did I choose WordPress against any other open-source CMS system on the market? Without any disrespect to other systems, WordPress is definitely the winner of the CMS Wars going on in the last decade. Worpress has around 60% of the CMS market share. All the other open-source systems together share the remaining 40% of the market. Statistics and numbers apart, by using WordPress you fall in love with it in no time for it’s reliability, flexibility, and ease of use.

In my career, I used Worpress for development of all kinds of websites. Projects varied from simple blogs over corporate sites to feature demanding news portals and web shops. There’s virtually no goal you can’t achieve with WordPress now days, either by programming stuff from scratch or by using some of thousands ready made themes and plugins for all kinds of purposes.

The “HowTo Wordpres Tips” Mission

My mission with this website is to share tips and good practices I learned in my web development career. I want to help anyone stuck with a seems like unsolvable problem, the same way I got stuck a thousand times and then found a solution by browsing the internet.

HowTo WordPress Tips website developer in action

My name is Dario and I love building snowboard kickers and WordPress websites.