Change WordPress login logo Tutorial

We’re all familiar with the look of the WordPress login page with the WP logo above the login form. Developers rarely customize the admin log in page logo, specially when they’re the only who access the WP Dashboard. When developers are not the only who use the login page, it would be a good practice […]

Using WordPress get_footer function to create multiple footers WP website

In this tutorial we’ll analyze the case when you need different footers on different sections of your WP website. You’ll learn how the WordPress get_footer function works in order to start createing your own multiple footers websites. This tutorial is intended for intermediate experienced developers already comfortable with editing WordPress template files. Reasons to create […]

Video header WordPress Tutorial

Video headers can be distinctive and attractive visual enhancements for websites. If used wisely, a short video right on page load can tell quite a story about your website topic. Our Video header WordPress tutorial will show you how to create a custom header with video background for your website. This tutorial is intended for […]

WordPress Custom Fields and get_post_meta Tutorial

In most cases, WordPress Custom Fields are used to display any kind additional information related to a certain post or page. Although there’s a wide variety of custom fields uses in WordPress, this tutorial will focus on the basic implementation. We’ll show you how to manually enable, create and display WordPress Custom Fields. Understanding WordPress […]