Video header WordPress Tutorial

Video headers can be distinctive and attractive visual enhancements for websites. If used wisely, a short video right on page load can tell quite a story about your website topic. Our Video header WordPress tutorial will show you how to create a custom header with video background for your website. This tutorial is intended for […]

Change address bar color in Chrome tutorial

Chrome users must have noticed their browser address bar color change when visiting certain websites. Usually, the color changes according to the website color palette. This tutorial will show you how to change address bar color in Chrome and give a nice visual enhancement to your website. Why change address bar color if it works […]

Speed up WordPress websites in 5 minutes

This tutorial is not intended as an in-depth guide to WordPress speed optimization. It’s rather a quick and simple solution to put your website into a higher gear and noticeable boost it’s loading speed. Since this tutorial doesn’t require advanced development skills, even unexperienced users should be able to speed up WordPress websites with ease. […]

Animated number counter plugins for WordPress

An animated number counter is a great, eye catching way to display any kind of numeric statistic on your web site. To impress your visitors with important numerical data you can use one of the many plugins available. To make your choice easier, we tested and reviewed the best free animated number counter plugins currently […]

WordPress Custom Fields and get_post_meta Tutorial

In most cases, WordPress Custom Fields are used to display any kind additional information related to a certain post or page. Although there’s a wide variety of custom fields uses in WordPress, this tutorial will focus on the basic implementation. We’ll show you how to manually enable, create and display WordPress Custom Fields. Understanding WordPress […]