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HowTo Wordpres Tips website was created with the purpose to help WordPress users and developers in their projects. We’re specially focused on beginners and intermediate experienced developers. Our help is provided trough tips and advice, coding tutorials and plugins suggestions. All articles on this website are based on our own WordPress development experience, and best practices we encountered.

The code snippets and scripts we provided trough each tutorial were tested and found fully functional on the latest version of WordPress at the time of publishing the specific article. Same applies to the WordPress plugins we tested and reviewed. We do all our tests on default WordPress themes, such as Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Twenty etc.

Therefore, we take no responsibility if any of our tips, tutorials or suggested plugins doesn’t work properly on our visitor’s version of WordPress and theme in use. Also we take no responsibility if improper implementation of our tutorials cause any damage to other websites.

With time, some of our tips, tutorials, code snippets or plugin suggestions may become obsolete and non functional. If you notice any obsolete or non functional code snippets or plugin suggestions, please let us know and we’ll update that specific article with correct and up-to-date information.

We encourage our visitors to suggest any better solutions to those we propose in our articles. We’ll also take in consideration any suggestion on Plugins to test and review or topics we should cover in our tutorials. Fell free contact us us on that matter.