Change address bar color in Chrome tutorial

Chrome users must have noticed their browser address bar color change when visiting certain websites. Usually, the color changes according to the website color palette. This tutorial will show you how to change address bar color in Chrome and give a nice visual enhancement to your website. Why change address bar color if it works […]

How to Customize Scrollbars with CSS in WordPress

Instead of the default boring browser scrollbar, you must have noticed a nicely designed, color matching scrollbar on some web sites. That’s a visually customizeds scroll bar and it enhances the overall look of the website. Here you’ll learn how to Customize Scrollbars with CSS in WordPress and make your web site stand out from […]

How to split lists into columns using CSS

Let’s face it, long ordered or unordered HTML lists don’t look good in your site content. For instance, long content list items will leave too much useless white space on their right side. Sometime they also require a lot of scrolling to reach their end. There’s a simple solution to this problem. Use CSS to […]